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 est. 1968


Unlike other local bands, Scarborough Concert Band has a 'military' configuration which includes woodwind and reed instruments, as well as brass and percussion. This gives the band a greater range of musical textures and colours, and enables us to tackle a remarkably wide range of pieces. The military band line-up stems from our historic roots in the Yorkshire Green Howards Regiment.


In 1959, the Band of the 4/5th Battalion Green Howards TA was formed. Based in Scarborough, many of the founding musicians were trained Royal Marine Musicians who had moved to this area during the Second World War. The Army supported the band until 1968 but rather than give up playing, members decided to try and continue as a self-financing civilian band. Their efforts were successful and since then the band has been known as the Scarborough Concert Band and continues to flourish.


Nowadays, we number around 45 members and remain the only community wind band in the area. We are a non-selective band that is inclusive of all musicians in the area, no matter what their ability or previous experience is. We actively encourage young players to use our band as a half-way house between school music groups and the wider adult band world, and we are proud that many of these players return to the band from University during the holidays. Many of these young players end up joining a variety of bands and orchestras across the country.


We are totally self-supporting and are extremely grateful to all of the various organisations that donate funds to the band - they enable us to continue practising every Wednesday evening in the Community Arts Centre (Undercroft) at St James' Church on Seamer Road.

New members are ALWAYS welcome so if you think you would like to join us, please come along to a rehearsal and see what you think!


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