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 est. 1968


23rd MARCH 2020

The band has now suspended our rehearsals until further notice and will hopefully return when it is safe to do so. That means that the concert which was to take place to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of the war in Europe has been postponed, but hopefully, if we are able to, it will take place at St Mary's Church on the afternoon of Sunday 15th August and will commemorate both VE and VJ days.


Also, it is unlikely that our three summer concerts will be able to take place. These are: Peasholm Park on the 7th June; St Mary's Church on the 20th June; and Filey Bandstand on 12th July. I will let you know this when I can.


We are in a very serious situation with this terrible virus. We must all take care and do as we are being asked, which is to keep our distance and to make sure those that are at risk (because they have underlining health issues and others who will be on their own and won't be able to go out) are safe. It is up to us all to take the advice, then this virus will be beaten and we can get back to living our normal lives.


My thanks go to all members of the band and to you, our audiences who support us. We hope to see you all back with us.


Please keep safe and take care. Best wishes to you all.


Malcolm Appleby (conductor)